Adaptica is looking for Sales Area Managers


The Adaptica team is looking for new collaborations in the sales and marketing division.

Adaptica needs young and motivated sales area manager. Since Adaptica sells its products through distribution companies  (dealers) around the world, the typical tasks of our sales manager are:

  1. being responsible of the sales in the assigned geographic area of operations
  2. taking care of the relation with Adaptica’s distributors
  3. making training of the distributor forces: in particular technical, sales and marketing training
  4. making in-the-field demos together with Adaptica’s distributors
  5. monitor the performance of our distributors, understanding the technical and specific market need and creating strategies to make better sales performances
  6. monitor the performance of Adaptica’s products in their competency geographic area giving technical and marketing feedbacks to Adaptica R&D division
  7. reporting to the Chief S&M Manager of Adaptica

The typical area of operation for the Sales Manager is a set of countries in Europe. Optional countries of operations are Middle East, North Africa, Russia and US. The Sales Manager office will be in Adaptica headquarter but he/she will be travelling abroad visiting Adaptica distributor partners. Technical and Economic degree is preferred for this Sales Area Manager position.

If interested, please send CV’s to