Binocular Visual Analyzer

The most reliable device to detect refractive errors and vision problems. The exam will to be performed in a natural, fun and independent way.

Il video è stato realizzato grazie alla collaborazione di Ottica Verdi, Via Verdi 24 – Padova

The Kaleidos main applications

  1. Binocular refraction measurement in natural vision conditions
  2. Refractive errors: myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and other amblyogenic factors
  3. Early detection and documentation of multiple amblyogenic factors
  4. Un-aided binocular refraction of all patients
  5. Sight anomalies related to anisometropia, anisocoria, strabismus, phoria
  6. Pupil parameters: pupil size, pupil distance and head tilt
  7. Measurement of refraction at diff erent pupil size
  8. Measurement of dynamic pupils response to programmable light stimulations

The Kaleidos main benefits

Its measuring is extremely accurate, consistent and replicable
Its functioning is entirely independent of the surrounding light
Measuring happens automatically
The measuring process is extremely quick
Its battery lasts ten times as much as a normal one
The system can be managed via tablet/smartphone

The perfect start to define the eyes necessary correction.

Operating mode: Binocular/monocular
Data Interface: Wi-Fi, internal microSD card
Refraction Measurement: Automatic
Printer Interface: Wi-Fi, mail printing compatible
Sphere range: ±15 D
User Interface: Android application for Wi-Fi smartphones and pads, providing remote control, live streaming, data management
Cylinder range: ±5 D, precision 0.25 D
Power: Rechargeable battery, 20000 mAh, microUSB, input 5V/2A
Cylinder axis: 1° - 180°, step 1°
Tube Size(mm): 115x22x12
Pupil size: Automatic detection, 4-7 mm, step 0.1 mm
Metal Stand Size(mm): 63 x 44 x 32
Pupil distance: Automatic detection, 30-120 mm, step 1 mm
Max height operation system: 149 mm
Fixation and acoustic target: Built-in
Net Weight: 5.5 kg (195 oz)