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Wearable Wireless Adaptive Refractor

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Device and Benefits

The VisionFit SC is an innovative, electronically, programmable, mobile and wearable, all-in one system of lenses.
It performs a subjective sight examination and it effectively replaces both the trial glasses and the manual/electronic phoropter functionality fitting comfortably on the head of the patient.

VisionFit SC enables examining in free posture. Subjective refraction can be performed with the patient in his/her usual working enviroment and posture.

VisionFit SC does not require the control of the patient’s position that is why it is ideal with non-cooperative patients. Thanks to its comfortable and small footprint, this device reduces the examination time and increases the peripheral vision.

How it works

VisionFit SC is totally self-powered by a long life battery pack included in the headband.

The system is controlled via bluetooth connection using an Android tablet, this makes the examination fully wireless giving the patient the freedom of movement.

The VisionFit SC Application drives the phoropter (VisionFit head unit) instantly; you can set all the refraction values you want, save and share them as well.

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The Examination

The patient wears the VisionFit SC lens frame like a regular trial frame and looks through it at an eye chart (or any other near/far target).
The patient can be standing, seated or any other desired position or enviromental condition.
The eye chart or target can be placed at different distances depending on the type of exam.
The operator adjusts the device in order to change the configuration of the optics by using the tablet, requesting subjective feedback from the patient.
The operator selects the output values for both glasses and contact lenses prescriptions.

The Mobile Wireless Refraction System

The Mobile Wireless Refraction System is a combination of 2WIN and VisionFit SC. 

They work together in a synchronized way: the 2Win catches the objective refraction of the patient, it sends data to the tablet controlling the VisionFit SC that automatically sets according to the 2WIN’s values to test the subjective refraction.

This system is totally wireless and mobile, this allows you to optimize the time of examining and to make your examination more comfortable and accurate.

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VisionFit SC – the unique wearable wireless adaptive refractor for the most advanced subjective sight examination



Spherical correction range – 10/+10 D and -20/+20 D with the use of an additional lens with prescription steps of 0.125 D and variable fluidity steps (adjustable from 0.05 to 0.25 D) with the use of the basic spherical lens.


Cylindrical correction range – 0 to 10 D by steps of 0.25 D


Axis adjustament range – 1-180° by steps of 1°


Additional prismatic lenses range (optional) – 0 to 10 Δ, steps 1 Δ (add on – no automatic)


Corneal vertex distance range – 10-18 mm


Manual pupil distance adjustment range – 50-80 mm, separated right and left


Device free aperture – 30 degrees


Display – Android tablet 9.7″ multiple touch


Bluetooth module – BT 4.0 low energy


Power – Rechargeable battery pack


Battery charger – AC-DC Medical Converter 24V 60W