VisionFit SC

Wearable Wireless Adaptive Refractor

Revolutionizing the measurement of subjective refraction

The VisionFit SC is an innovative, electronic, mobile and wearable adaptive refractor.
It performs a subjective sight examination and effectively replaces both the trial frame and the manual/electronic phoropter functionalities. VisionFit SC enables examining in free posture. Subjective refraction can be performed with the patient in his/her usual working environment and posture.
VisionFit SC does not require the control of the patient’s position making it ideal for non-cooperative patients. Thanks to its comfortable and small footprint, this device reduces the examination time and increases the peripheral vision.

Main Benefits

Wearable and mobile - it fits just like a trial frame.

Adjustable step resolution down to 0.05 D.

Enables examining in free posture.

Small footprint and reduced exam time.

Increases peripheral vision.

Doesn’t require control of patient’s position.


Ideal with non-cooperative patients and handicap.

Connectivity, broad recording and printing capabilities.

Faster and more efficient than the standard digital phoropter.

Does not require any infrastructure nor refractory unit.

Subjective refraction can be performed in association with other biomedical devices.

How it works

VisionFit SC is completely self-powered with a long life battery pack included in the headband.
The system is controlled via bluetooth connection using an Android tablet, making the examination fully wireless and gives the patient the freedom of movement.
The VisionFit SC Application drives the phoropter (VisionFit SC head unit) instantly; you can set all the refraction values you want, save and share them as well.

The Examination

The patient wears the VisionFit SC lens frame like a regular trial frame and looks through it at an eye chart (or any other near/far target). He can be standing, seated or any other desired position and in any environmental condition.

VisionFit SC allows the simulation of farsightedness even if the distance between a patient and eye-chart is less than the standard distance considered as the far point (5/6 meters).  The adaptive lenses compensate the working distance, allowing the doctor to perform far sight examination even in the smallest rooms. 

Wider Peripheral Vision

Due to the VisionFit SC’s slim and compact design, the peripheral vision is wider than any other phoropter available. This feature makes VisionFit SC the new concept for subjective refraction. Increasing the peripheral range not only opens the door to a variety of new testing capabilities, but also allows the patient to have more confidence in the accuracy of their final prescription glasses.

Electronical Trial Frame

adaptive spherical lenses

Wearable and Mobile

Subjective refraction can be performed with the patient in any position and location due to the mobility and wearability of the unit. This allows the patient to move freely around the room enabling you to accurately take the measurament in a more comfortable way. The device is also indicated for at-home sight examinations and for patients who may use large wheelchairs.

Control Panel Operated

The VisionFit SC [VFIT] system is controlled by an app that can be downloaded on an Android tablet. This serves as a control panel that gets data from 2WIN or Kaleidos and allows to adjust power diopters, axis, JCC … The app is constantly updated directly by the software.

An unique features of the VisionFit SC is its trial frame functionality: all the trial lenses range is provided by the liquid lens, automatically and easily controlled through the tablet for a quicker and smoother eyesight examination.

VFIT-TEST: intended to let patients test a combination of 4 lens configurations, switching via tablet between the 4 selected VFIT-TEST exams by the doctor or the patient himself.

The patient’s perception is closer to that he will have when wearing the lenses prescribed.

For a complete subjective examination, the VisionFit SC app is equipped with an automatic procedure for JCCs.

When the patient objective refraction cylinder is known it is possible to better refine the power and the axis of that cylinder which fastens the examination.

Portable and Rechargeable

The VisionFit SC allows to accommodate your entire refraction practice in a single carry-on that can be taken immediately to practice everywhere.

To ensure portability and functionality, the VisionFit SC is equipped with a rechargeable and replaceable battery pack. 

Technical Information

Revolutionizing the measurement of subjective refraction.

key features

  • Subjective refraction measurement.
  • Determination of corrective data for refraction anomalies and binocular functions as the basis for manufacturing glasses and contact lenses.
  • Used in refraction rooms of clinics, physicians’, optometrists’ or opticians’ practices.
  • Operated by physicians, optometrists, opticians or properly trained clinical personnel.


  • Android version 8.0, 8.1 or 9.0
  • Bluetooth: 4.0 Low Energy or newer
  • Display: 10 inches or more
  • Processor: ARMv7

These are tablets which we intensively tested with our application and which we warmly suggest you:

  • Huawei MediaPad T5
  • Lenovo TB-X605L


  • Spherical correction range: -10/+10 D – up to -20/+20 D with the use of a provided additional lens. Adjustable fluidity steps from 0.05 to 0.50 D.
  • Cylindrical correction range: 0 to 10 D by steps from 0.08 of 0.50 D
  • Axis adjustment range: 1-180° by steps of 1°
  • Corneal vertex distance range: 10-18 mm
  • Manual pupil distance adjustment range: 50-80 mm, separated right and left
  • Device free aperture: 30°
  • WiFi Module: Radicom, model: WiFiHU-a
  • Bluetooth Module: IDATA, USB 2.0 Bluetooth Mini Class 2+EDR
  • Power requirement: Voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz Power consumption: 60 VA

With the innovative adaptive optics of VisionFit I can make a more accurate subjective examination: finally, the patients can experience their best chirurgical option before surgery

Dr. Claudio Panico
Chief of Turin Ophthalmic Hospital

The mobility of the VisionFit was incredibly helpful in a clinic like this. We often needed to move
rooms or make adjustments on the go. This was no problem when using the VisionFit.

Dr. Harbir Sian
Awarded Optometrist

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