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DovePress 2022

Multifaceted Amblyopia Screening with blinq, 2WIN, and PDI Check


The Refraction Assessment and the Electronic Trial Frame Measurement during Standing or Sitting Position Can Affect Postural Stability

ADI Design 2021

The style and elegance of Italian design are the unarguable witnesses of a clearand evocative demonstration of our country’s genius.

DovePress 2021

Ellipsoid Spectacle Comparison of Plusoptix, Retinomax and 2WIN Autorefractors

Journal of Ophthalmology 2021

Comparing School-Aged Refraction Measurements Using the 2WIN-S Portable Vision Screener in Relation to Cycloplegic Retinoscopy

MediaMice 2021

Save Sight and Stay Safe with Simple, Smart Screening Solutions

Springer 2021

Reliability and accuracy of the 2WIN CR-App in detecting manifest strabismus in pediatric patients

MDPI 2021

A Comparative Study of Corneal Topography in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Cross-Sectional Study

DovePress 2021

Drive-by Photoscreening: Plusoptix, 2WIN and Blinq Amblyopia Detection During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare 2020

Validation of a portable, remotely delivered refraction approach compared to standard in-clinic refraction in a low-vision population

DovePress 2020

Performance of 2WIN-S and GoCheckKids in Burma: comparing the two Photoscreeners Enhanced by Protective Cases

Medical Press 2020

Comparative AAPOS validation of the Birefringent Amblyopia Screener with isolated Small-Angle Strabismus  

DovePress 2020

Performance of Glow Fixation GoCheck Kids and 2WIN Photoscreeners and Retinomax to Uncover Hyperopia.

AJO 2019

Performance of the 2WIN Photoscreener with “CR” Strabismus estimation in high risk patients.

Plast Design 2019

2WIN-S was included in the ADI Design Index 2019. This article is an interview to the designer of 2WIN-S to enhance the design and the functionality of the device.


Comparison of 2WIN and plusoptiX A12R refractometers with Retinomax handheld autorefractor keratometer.

OneSight 2019

Helping The World See With Adaptica’s Advanced Technology.

360Oftalmologia 2018

Autorifrattometria Binoculare: la Schiascopia 2.0.

EyeDoctor 2018

2WIN – Refrattometro Binoculare Mobile e Vision Analyzer.

NationalGeographic 2018

Today’s technology could be the solution to the vision care gap.

Sanchez 2016

Advantages, limitations, and diagnostic accuracy of photoscreeners in early detection of amblyopia: a review.

Optician On line 2015

Looking after the children with the 2WIN.


Arvo Abstract 2014

Screening for refractive errors in children using the 2WIN, binocular refractometer.

Arvo Poster 2014

Screening for refractive errors in children using the 2WIN binocular refractometer.