2WIN CR strabismus app – Stephanie Kirk

Stephanie Kirk Arnold, Doc. Robert Arnold ‘s daughter-in-law, discussed the CR strabismus function of Adaptica’s 2WIN photoscreener compared to Retinomax photoscreener at AAPOS in San Diego on March 28, 2019. 

CR- App allows you to measure hetero-tropias and/or hetero-phorias. It compares the position of the corneal reflexes in three different measurements (the first binocular, the second and the third monocular under an Infrared Occluder). The Occluder is a black handheld filter which allows the 2WIN infrared rays to pass through while blocking all visible light.

She compared the use of 2WIN Infrared Occluder with CR-App and the Retinomax Cover Test according to the AAPOS 2013 guidelines. The study was performed on 436 patients, aged from 3 months to 66 years old, 25% of them had development delays .

2WIN CR measuraments correlated highly with Retinomax Cover Test for intermittent and constant strabismus.