Screening in Bolivia

Dr Mario Angi is a renown  ophthalmologist based in Padova and President of CBM Italia Onlus, a non-profit organization with headquarter in Germany.
During the last mission screening in Bolivia, Dr. Angi examined more than 200 kids using Kaleidos. Below is his comment on the use of Kaleidos in this mission trip:

“During the screening conducted in Bolivia from the 26th of April to the 2nd of May 2019, we examined more than 200 kids at first grade school, comparing the data and visual acuity performed by Kaleidos, with the ones performed by HandyRef Nidek’s autorefractor – without cycloplegic. At the end the results showed that astigmatism measurements almost match between the two devices: Kaleidos, for the spherical defect, doesn’t generate a false myopia – found in 20% of the exams made with the autorefractometer without cycloplegic. Combining Kaleidos – a binocular refractometer – with visual acuity measurement reduces the risks of false positive results due to non-collaborative pediatric patients and helps to identify the patients with strabismus >10 PD.”