Dennis Norris’s interview at ESCRS 2019


After his lecture during the workshops we held at ESCRS in Paris, we interviewed Dennis Norris, Senior Director of OneSight‘s Global Programming to understand why it is so important for them to use our equipment on the field.

According to Dennis Norris:

“OneSight loves Adaptica products for a variety of reasons the main one would be the portability of the equipment. We go all over the world to many remote areas and it is important for us to ship as little as possible to those areas so we can hand carry our equipment to any location and that really makes us happy so Adaptica equipment allows us to do that. It is very portable, it is very durable, they have long-lasting battery lives and the doctors that we use at our clinic absolutely love the equipment.”

He showed his enthusiasm about the advantages of using our products during OneSight’s projects, especially on the Amazon River project in Brazil.

OneSight’s voluteer were there for a limited time and their goal was to see as many patients as possible and thanks to the quickness and the portability of our devices, they could see almost 900 patients per day.