Early diagnosis of vision disorders in children

Early diagnosis of vision disorders in children: the first trial in Trentino is now open“.

This is the title of the article published by Marzia Lucianer on the website trentinosalutedigitale.com.

The purpose of the project is to prevent eye disorders on children and to use digital devices able to facilitate the communication between health professionals (from pediatricians to orthoptists and ophthalmologists).

Our vision screener 2WIN has been chosen for this program, and fourteen of them are being used for vision screening in children from 6 months up to 3 years of age.

We want to thank our italian distributor Sir Oftalmica Srl for the efforts put for winning this big tender, and in particular the person in charge Eng. Alberto Molteni.

You can read the full article through this link: https://trentinosalutedigitale.com/en/blog/