Kaleidos – What does Mr Van Pottelbergh think

During the the OB Congress in Bruxelles, thanks to our distributor Rockmed Opto Belux, we had the opportunity to have KALEIDOS tested by Mr Van Pottelbergh, founder of Eyes for the World Foundation.

Hereafter his kind review:

“I had the opportunity to test the Kaleidos of Adaptica during the three-day Phamanology exhibition in Brussels. This device is extremely user-friendly, easy and quick to set up. In addition, the design of this device is an additional asset because everyone wants to look in this “viewmaster”. This gives an extra nice and positive feeling for those who want to undergo a test. During these days I did about a hundred screenings. Of course, after the objective test with the Kaleidos, we performed a subjective test. The advantage with the Kaleidos is that the patient only has to look in the device for a few seconds and that you immediately have a result. I do not know any other device where it goes so smoothly. Of course the results are the most important. In all cases we received a correct indication about the patient’s problems; myopia, hypermetropia or astigmatism. The values of astigmatism were correct in most cases, sometimes slightly overcorrected, but the axis direction was correct in almost all cases. Since I carry out a lot of mobile tests, I am a fan of this device and I will work with the Kaleidos in the future. For me this is the first device where user-friendliness, compactness and reliability are present. Highly recommended for the eye specialist”

– Koen Van Pottelbergh