OneSight & National Geographic event

On May 2nd, OneSight hosted an event with National Geographic at the National Geographic Society Headquarters, bringing together some of the brightest minds in vision care to discuss serving the neediest populations around the world. We were invited to take part to this event where the Pulitzer Prize photographer Stephanie Sinclair was the keynote speaker. Stephanie Sinclair is the same photographer who provided the photos that accompany the beautiful National Geographic’s article on the use of Kaleidos and VisionFit during the Onesight mission in the Amazon River.

The panel discussion brought to life the existing lack of access to eye care services that many individuals and entire countries like Rwanda, Brazil, China, and the US suffer. The right of a clear sight impact education outcomes, economic potential, and quality of life. We can solve this critical global vision care gap for good, together.

A”Future everyone can see”: this is our common goal now.

Discover more about the event here!