Screenings Campaign 2021. Festival Del Sorriso Padova

On Sunday the 27 th of June 2021, we participated at the event “Happy Kids – Festival del Sorriso” at MUSME, Padova. We screened more than 300 people among kids and adults. 20% of the kids had sight problems (mostly myopia and astigmatism) and their parents ignored that. For this reason, the event was a great chance for Adaptica to raise awareness about how important our sight is and how important prevention and annual check-ups are. It is fundamental for the kids to have their eyes checked at 6 months, at 3 years old, before starting school and after that, once a year. As well as for kids, it is also important for adults to do annual visits to prevent eye diseases and sight problems.
Early detection and timely treatment for eye conditions is extremely important and specially, if treated in time, cost-effective. Vision screenings and eye exams can help detect eye diseases while they are still treatable, ultimately stopping or avoiding vision loss.
We want to remember that, according to IAPB (International agency for the Prevention of Blindness) 90% of vision loss is preventable.
Screenings and annual check-ups are fundamental to preserve our sight.

Thank you Happy Kids – Il Festival del Sorriso for this great opportunity! See you next year!
Here are some pictures from the event.