Webinar collection March-April 2020

This 2020 tested us, but it has brought up the big desire for cooperation and integration between our company and our partners.

As previously written, the experience of the webinars held during the lockdown period was for us all inspiring and enriching at the same time.

We continue to receive positive feedback, active participation in discussions and various suggestions from: doctors, partners, customers and distributors.

Our newsletters dedicated to the replies of the webinars showed the validity of the contents and the appreciation from the public that follows us with such enthusiasm. Precisely for this reason, we created this collection of all the webinars held between March-April 2020.

As Sales & Marketing Manager Davide Maddalozzo said: “Nothing will ever be as before, let’s try together to make something better than before.

Here below you find all the links to the webinars, otherwise check out our YouTube channel.

Adaptica For Alaska Blind Child Discovery Charitable

Speaker: Dr. Robert Arnold
Language: English
Duration: 52 min

From Red Reflex to Videorefraction

Speaker: Mario Angi
Language: English
Duration: 44 min

Advanced Refractive Technologies: from Mobile Vision Clinic to Daily Practice

Speaker: Dr. Harbir Sian
Language: English
Duration: 45 min

Adaptica for Eyes For the World Charitable

Speaker: Dr. Koen Van Pottelbergh
Language: English
Duration: 37 min

Machine Based Vision Screening: How Photo Screeners have helped my practice

Speaker: Dr. Carlos M. Chua
Language: English
Duration: 31 min

EyeROBO: The Revolution in the Eye Care System

Speaker: Dr. Ivan Capraro
Language: English
Duration: 46 min

La valutazione Clinica nello Sport Vision

Speaker: Dr.  Chanda Cavallini
Language: Italian
Duration: 53 min