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Welcome to our webinar presentation’s section

Here you’ll find all presentations we are going to use during our webinars. Please click on the webinar of your interest to download the relevant presentation.

8.04.2020: Opportunities and potentialities - Silvia Sattin

15.04.2020: From Red Reflex to Videorefraction - Dr. Mario Angi

21.04.2020: Adaptica for Alaska Blind Child Discovery charitable - Dr. Robert Arnold

06.05.2020: Adaptica for Eyes For The World Charitable - Dr. Koen Van Pottelbergh

07.05.2020: Advanced Refractive Technologies: from Mobile Vision Clinic to Daily Practice - Dr. Harbir Sian

12.05.2020: Optimizing post lockdown clinic flow using Adaptica's Adaptive Optics and Wireless Communications - Dr. Harvey Uy

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