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Adaptica’s components and systems for adaptive optics offer diversified solutions in all those areas in which images generated by optical systems need to gain focus, sharpness and optical quality.

VisionFit SC HR

VisionFit SC

Innovative, Electronic, Mobile, Wearable and Wireless System of Adaptive Lenses.



Binocular Mobile Refractometer and Vision Analyzer.


Adaptive Optics

Deformable mirrors and opto-electronic devices for the optimization and improvement of optical systems.

Measuring sight

The easiest and most reliable combined system, a wearable adaptive refractor and a binocular refractometer

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A winning duo for the modern optometrist and ophthalmologist: the VisionFit, a wearable adaptive refractor and the 2WIN, a binocular refractometer for the most reliable subjective and objective examination.

Adaptica, the Padova (Italy) based leading manufacturer of optical and opto-electronic devices and innovative eye-care instruments, has revolutionised the sight examination. The VisionFit is a truly innovative, electronic, tunable, solid state, mobile and wearable system of adaptive lenses that performs a subjective sight examination, and replaces the need for trial glasses and the manual/electronic phoropter.

Wearing the VisionFit electronic trial frame as he would a regular trial frame, the patient looks at the eye chart or any other near or far target in any environment, sitting or standing, thus allowing subjective refraction to be performed with the patient in his usual working environment and posture.
By using the VisionFit in combination with Adaptica’s 2WIN binocular handheld refractometer and vision analyzer, the operator is able to perform an objective and subjective refraction examination in only a few minutes with maximum mobility and flexibility.

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