Covid-19 measures

Covid-19 measures

Covid-19 measures

Dear Customers / Suppliers / Partners,

We would like to inform you that we are doing well and that to date all Adaptica departments are currently working regularly.

Adaptica has adopted all the extraordinary health and safety measures issued by the Italian government to prevent the spread of Covid-19 inside and outside the company.

We are sure that all together, with responsibility and dedication, we will overcome this difficult moment.

We will keep you updated,

Best regards from Adaptica’s staff

Academy 2020 – 2nd edition

Academy 2020 – 2nd edition

Academy 2020 – 2nd edition

The second edition of Adaptica’s Academy took place last week on January 22nd until the 24th in Padua.

We’re very grateful to all the Distributors participating in the meeting and bringing their outcomes of one year working together. Compared to the first edition, the number of participants more than doubled! We also had some special guests who brought their direct experience with our instruments. We deeply thank them for their useful references.

The Academy is becoming a key appointment that contributes to share with our Distributors the strategic guidelines for the new year, update them about new product evolutions and get their precious feedback from the market.

It was very helpful to analyse with them the results of the last marketing plan, as well as to get feedback and insights in order to improve strategies and tools.

After Mr.  Wei’s greetings, our Sales & Marketing Manager Davide Maddalozzo presented Adpatica’s 2020 vision, according to the last market study, and defined the market segments for each product of ours:

2WIN, Kaleidos, VisionFit SC, Refraction System, Aquid, Aquid Chart, CR-App, Keratoconus, EMR, Tablet, O&O, Injectors and CTR.

We are conscious that excellence in innovation and technology needs to be supported by a sound marketing strategy. As promised the previous Academy meeting 2019, the first phase of the creation of the brand building and communication infrastructure was successfully completed. Various communication tools have been created and made available to our Distributors around the world.

As an Arabic saying goes: “What is coming is better than what is gone.”

Together with our Distributors and partners around the world we can build a better world for everyone, everywhere.

See you at the next Academy 2021!

Adaptica on PLAST DESIGN: functionality & aesthetics

Adaptica on PLAST DESIGN: functionality & aesthetics

Adaptica on PLAST DESIGN: functionality & aesthetics

The article published on November issue of PlastDesign is an important confirmation of the design work behind the creation of the Adaptica instrumentation.

Both Kaleidos and his 2WIN brother were designed by Studio Paolo Bacco and are part of the almanac of the best Italian design in ten years.

Reading the article you can understand very well the reason why these products were first classified and the values ​​of the research and development of Adaptica.

We not only pay attention to aesthetics criteria, but we do believe they have to match maximum functionality.

Kaleidos is a great example of affordance design, functionality, and eye-catching aesthetics.

Ergonomic, easy to carry and use, Kaleidos is a portable darkroom for refractometry that operates in any critical condition.

But moreover, thanks to its interesting design, it stimulates curiosity and looks very friendly to users, first of all, children. That makes this tool “especially suitable for pediatric use”, as it is said in ADI Design Index 2019 jurors praise.

In addition to providing accurate refraction data, Kaleidos works perfectly as a marketing tool for eyewear stores because of its modern aspect, due to advanced technology embedded in an attractive and soft design.

Therefore in our website you’ll have either content related to Vision screening, or a section dedicated to Eye care specialists.

To read the full article, click here.

Screening program in Uzbekistan

Screening program in Uzbekistan

Screening program in Uzbekistan

Tashkent is the capital and largest city of Uzbekistan with a population in 2018 of 2,485,900. It is located in the north-east of the country, close to the Kazakhstan border.

Last week, in collaboration with our partner Глазная клиника Saif-Optima, we performed a screening program at School 166 (Школа 166 города Ташкента).
It is incredible to consider that with one Kaleidos it took just 3 hours to perform 241 kids. Was so heartwarming to see all these cute children go ahead, one after the other, getting the test.

We thank our partner, Saf-Optima and the school leaders for the perfect organization. Once we were ready to start the screening program, they had settled the classes and scheduled exactly the spot for all the young students.

Adaptica is involved directly and through its partners or NGOs in screening programs all over the world. We believe it is important to provide accurate, portable, friendly equipment. Kaleidos allows to do that: it is a resilient and long-lasting battery instrument that works perfectly in any light condition. Eye care operators do love it!

Philippines – More screening programs

Philippines – More screening programs

Philippines – More screening programs

Alliance Regional Care (ARC) Hospital – Borough Eye Center

Held last August 30, 2019, this Eye Center was built with cooperation of ARC & Borough, a well-known health facility with four Medical Clinics scattered in Metro Manila. Kaleidos have been featured in some provincial Newspaper Articles in Lapu-Lapu, Cebu (Central Visayas Area) and had given a high recommendation for their screening process.

Good Samaritan Hospital- Nueva Ecija Eye and Laser Center

This institution invited us last August 24 and 27, 2019 for their Sight Saving Month Program and Anniversary demonstration. Knowing beforehand the quality of Kaleidos they decided to use it especially for the accuracy of the exam as well as portability and velocity this instrument provides. In this screening program participated children, adults to uniformed personnel and  travelled Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija (North East of Luzon).

Maranatha Christian Academy

In cooperation with Calamba Eye Center (Calamba, Laguna/ South Luzon Area) we have screened around 106 elementary students using Adaptica’s refraction system. During the program, by using Kaleidos,  we found out different cases of “HIgh Myopic”, “Astigmatism” and “Anisometropic”.

The screening programs help in a decisive way to detect sight anomalies in an early stage, and this allows interventions which can easily solve a series of problems that otherwise would become difficult to treat.

Philippines – the journey of Kaleidos continues

Philippines – the journey of Kaleidos continues

Philippines – the journey of Kaleidos continues

It is really exciting to work in Philippines, people are so kind and Eye care specialist are empathetic and very well prepared. Recently we have participated in various screening campaigns organized in collaboration with several of our partners. Other new screening programs are being planned.

Adaptica’s vision is to provide accessibility to Eye Care Services to each and every person in the world while our devices are designed to enable eye care specialists to perform screening and eye exam in an easy, fast and accurate way.

Kaleidos is the most suited device to be used for refraction screening programs since it works perfectly in any light condition, and it is accurate, portable, fast and super easy to use.

Male dormitory at Bacoor, Cavite

The screening program involved about 60 orphaned children from the male dormitory, located in Bacoor, Cavite (southern part of Luzon). This project is the result of collaboration between The Fred Hollows Foundation International Philippines  and Qantas Foundation Australia,  along with the partnership of Myopia Control Clinic in Makati, Metro Manila.

Christian Love School

In cooperation with Carmen Abesamis-Dichoso, one of the leading Optometrist in Manila, we participated in another screening program at Christian Love School in Muntinlupa (South of Metro Manila). This time the screening involved 70 kids from kinder to elementary students. In this occasion Kaleidos contributed to detect a different cases of “High Myopic” and “Astigmatism” which are uncomplicated to address if detected in an early stage. 

We strongly believe that technology should contribute to improve people’s life. That’s why we call it Technology for Humanity.