Mass screening in Calbayog City – Philippines

Mass screening in Calbayog City – Philippines

Towards the end of April 2019, partnered with local Rotary Club of Calbayog, local optometrist and Borough Center for Sight in coordination with Dr. Jerome Sarmiento, Medical Director of Cebu Branch which opened their Cebu clinic on May 2019 was performed a mass screening for 900 local patients from Calbayog City, Eastern Samar which is part of region 8 Visayas area and has the 3rd most largest area of mass land in the Philippines. Everybody was amazed to use Kaleidos and they highly appreciated the accuracy, simplicity and mobility of this device. They are strongly recommended it for their clinic together with the VisionFit SC.

This is the largest group of patients that we have analyzed using our Kaleidos in Philippines so far. The Eye care specialists and the patient as well  found very exiting the way the screening process rolled out. We examined and refracted patients who have not experience in Eye refraction check-up and this is the part of the efficiency, mobility, time saving and unique way the kalends performs.

The First floating OneSight clinic in Amazon

The First floating OneSight clinic in Amazon

From 11 to 15 June, 46 volunteers, perform checkups and tests directly on board with cutting-edge technology and satellite devices in order to always maintain contact with the mainland.

Muritinga, Cuia, Iguapenu, São Felix and Sissaíma. Five stop-offs along the Amazon River, and five days to provide 2000 locals with glasses, suitable eyesight treatment and tests using special tools for checkups in remote areas, saving the riverside villagers from having to take a 30-hour trip to reach Manaus, the closest city with clinics and hospitals.

Kaleidos is the best tool for them to use for these screenings as it’s portable, easy to use, can be used in any setting, and can provide results in seconds without needing a skilled operator.
[Credit: National Geographic – Today’s technology could be the solution to the vision care gap]

The expedition team relied on small medical kits, suited for use in extreme conditions, as well as on a stock of spherical bifocal lenses for patients with specific prescriptions. Mothers of large families, kids walking for miles to get to school, fishermen knotting thin threads; everyone finally got the chance to wear the right glasses, made just for them.

During the Amazon River mission, Kaleidos confirms to be the perfect choice in the mass sight screening in remote areas. This binocular refraction system and visual analyzer is designed with the idea of performing the eyesight check-up under any environmental condition, in an extremely fast, practical and easy to use way.

The device developed by Adaptica has contributed on the eyesight screening of thousands of people who could hardly have reached the specialized centers placed more than 30 hours away from their homes.

The combination of the data acquired through Kaleidos and VisionFit contributed to provide the needed information to equip just in few days 2000 patients with glasses and complete Onesight’s mission.

Dr. Harbir in Jordan to help Syrian Refugees

Dr. Harbir in Jordan to help Syrian Refugees

In March OneSight had its first clinic in the Middle-East to screen and help Syrian Refugees in Jordan. Fifty-two volunteers visited a total of 2.647 patients between Jordanian and Syrian Refugees.
Among the volunteers there was Dr. Harbir Sian, a Canadian award-winning optometrist, who had the chance to use VisionFit SC for his first time.

This is what he told us about his experience:

”I had the please of using the Adaptica Kaleidos and VisionFit SC while volunteering in a mobile clinic with OneSight in Jordan. Both devices helped make our clinic much more efficient compared to older technology such as auto-refractors, trial frames, and phoropters. As an optometrist, I spent a lot of my time doing refractions. The mobility of the VisionFit SC was incredibly helpful in a clinic like this. We often needed to move rooms or make adjustments on the go. This was no problem when using the VisionFit SC. It was a pleasure to use these devices during my time in this clinic and I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

If you want to learn more about Dr. Harbir Sian’s experience with OneSight, take a look at his interview here!

Burma Vision

Burma Vision

Our KOL, Dr. Robert Arnold is a paediatric ophthalmologist working in Alaska and committed to the Paediatric Eye Disease Investigation.
He brought paediatric and adult eye care to oppressed ethnic groups in Burma in collaboration with Burma Vision project. Kaleidos was used to screen people there and even in remote parts of the world the device works. Doctor Arnold made this video about his screening experience in Burma. 
This is a great and valuable witness about our Kaleidosutilization: “Children in America, children in Europe and children even in remote parts of the World can benefit from photo screening with the device like this”.

Proud to be part of a project like this!

Eyes of the World

Eyes of the World

Eyes of the world is a non-profit organization that helps visually impaired people without economic resources living in under-developed countries. The goals are that these people receive qualified ophthalmologic care from their local health services and that conditions are created to help reduce pathological ocular incidence in each region. It also works at increasing public awareness in our social environment concerning the basic healthcare deficiencies in those places. 

With this project, we have helped a lot of people. For example in Belgium we helped who could’t effort glasses, selling them at a cost of 20€. Moreover we helped about 350.000 people worldwide from South America to Africa, from Asia to Europe by giving them glasses. Now we are starting to collect money for a mobile eyeclinic to help people in Madagascar.


Everyone has the right to a good sight.
Preventing poor vision in Macedonia

Preventing poor vision in Macedonia

At November 2018 – After an eight hour day at Sistina Ophthalmology Clinic in Macedonia’s capital Skopje, Dr. Biljana Kostovska volunteers as a Lions Club member conducting eye screenings. She is one of the most renowned ophthalmologists in Macedonia and a leader among 15 doctors volunteering to conduct free eye screening for children between 3-8 years of age.

Ophthalmologists in Macedonia have been urging parents to get their children tested as early as three years of age to detect early symptoms and prevent severe vision problems later on. Over the past three years, Dr. Kostovska and her colleagues have screened over 27,575 young children and referred an average of 18 percent for additional eye examinations.

These efforts are one result of a partnership between USAID, the Lions Club International Foundation, and the Southeast European University (SEEU) in Skopje, Macedonia aimed at increasing the quality and availability of education services for students with visual impairments.

USAID, United States Agency for International Development, is an independent agency of the United States federal government that is primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid and development assistance.

Discover more here!

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Dr. Biljana Kostovska at a mobile eye screening camp in Skopje Children with Visual Impairment Project