AMGO 2022, Naples May 13th and 14th

Also this year, our products will be present at “Progetto AMGO” National Convention in Naples on May 13th and 14th with our Italian distributors.
AMGO is a project for visual prevention of Amblyopia coordinated at national level by the Institute of the Blind “Francesco Cavazza ONLUS” in Bologna and aimed at children and toddlers.
Amblyopia, is a reduced development of visual function in one or both eyes due to a visual defect as the visual system develops and matures in the first years of life. If not treated promptly, this condition can result in a permanent defect. As it can only be cured at an early age, the diagnosis and early treamentent of this desease is essential.
The title of this year’s National Convention is “Artificial intelligenceand digital technologies at the service of visual prevention and visual rehabilitation”
We are more than proud to keep supporting this important project with our instruments, that have been specifically designed with the aim of preventing such a desease in the early childhood.