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Binocular refractometer and vision analyzer


Binocular mobile refractometer and vision analyzer

VisionFit SC

Wearable Wireless Adaptive Refractor

Refraction System

Mobile Wireless Refraction System

Who we are

Adaptica, part of the He Vision Group, is an Italian company located in Padua. It develops and manufactures simple, smart, mobile devices to detect refractive errors and visual defects.

Our goal is to provide Eye Care Specialists with the best instruments to perform accurate refractive exams in order to detect and correct eye defects for everyone, everywhere.

We are building together a lean business model for everybody in the value chain: Patients, Communities, Doctors, NGO’s, Employees, all partners who interact with us.

Our vision is to provide accessibility to Eye Care Services to each and every person in the world, and in doing so, contribute to preserve and improve patients’ sight and quality of vision.

Everybody, everywhere can benefit

To detect and correct Amblyopia Children in America, children in Europe and children even in remote parts of the World can benefit from photo screening with the device like this.

Robert Arnold, Md
Alaska Regional, Native Hospitals, Surgery Center; Scoa

Best chirurgical option before surgery

With the innovative adaptive optics of VisionFit I can make a more accurate subjective examination: finally, the patients can experience their best chirurgical option before surgery.

Dr. Claudio Panico
Chief of turin Ophthalmic Hospital


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