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Most accurate capture of visual function available today


APRIL 21 2014. SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA. Adaptica, the Italy-based startup that produces components and systems for adaptive optics, announced the release of software version 3.0 of its 2WIN product, a handheld binocular refractometer and vision analyzer. The product is available in the US through M31USA, Adaptica’s San Jose-based accelerator, and worldwide through Adaptica’s international distribution network.


The 2WIN is a point-and-shoot instrument for eye care and wellness professionals to use instead of traditional vision measurement equipment – and the 2WIN produces far more complete reports of a patient’s visual system. The breakthrough tool is particularly helpful for use with infants, children, the elderly and patients who cannot cooperate because it is less invasive and requires a shorter use time than conventional equipment. In addition to checking all parameters of every visual function, the 2WIN enables early detection of refractive errors, making it a preventative healthcare success story.


“Version 3.0 of the 2WIN software makes it even easier to measure the vision of a moving or distracted patient – and the accuracy has improved as well. We also have made it easier for the software to deal with ambient lighting in a dimly lit room,” said Gianluigi Meneghini, CEO of Adaptica. “The new version is quick to install in existing models already in use by eye care teams. Plus kids and their parents love the 2WIN.”


Key benefits of the 2WIN include its light weight, full automation, battery operation, printer, and PC connectivity. The report produced after the 7-second test covers automatic refraction measurement, pupil diameter and distance, and the direction of the patient’s gaze – all without the need for dilation drops. The 2WIN is in use throughout the world. More usability and connectivity features are under development.



The 2WIN delivers an accurate, complete and objective assessment of human visual function. It is a binocular handheld refractometer and vision analyzer. For more information, visit Adaptica, the maker of the 2WIN, designs and manufactures components and systems for adaptive optics and optoelectronics. The startup company is based in Padua, Italy and accelerated in the United States by M31USA in San Jose, California.

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